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Repeat prescriptions

The doctor may inform you that your medication can be obtained without seeing a Doctor on the next occasion. This is called a ‘repeat prescription’

To order your repeat prescription:

  • Indicate clearly the item you require on your prescription counterfoil and place in the prescription box in the surgery foyer.
  • Write your request on the repeat prescription form available in the foyer and place in prescription box
  • Telephone the surgery, select ‘2’ for prescriptions.
  • Order online, if you have registered for this service

You can collect your prescription from the reception desk during surgery opening hours or please inform the surgery if you wish your prescription to be collected by a specific pharmacy for dispensing.

Your prescription will be ready to collect in the afternoon TWO working days after you submit your request. If you collect directly from the pharmacy please allow THREE working days

For example: Present prescription request at surgery
Monday am/pm – ready after 4pm Wednesday
Friday am/pm – ready after 4pm Tuesday
Tuesday am/pm – ready at pharmacy Friday pm

Please be aware that at holiday times it may take longer for your prescription to be done so please order a little earlier.

If you do request your prescription early indicate why clearly.

If you completely run out of medication, or are in urgent need of a repeat, please make this known to reception and they will arrange for your prescription to be done as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to try to prevent such occurrences happening.

Telephone Requests for Prescriptions

You may telephone the surgery to request only your usual repeat prescription (These are listed on the right hand side counterfoil of your prescription form)

Telephone 01900 603985 and select the option for prescriptions

It is essential that you leave the following information as a recorded message:

• Your full name
• Your date of birth
• Each item you require including strength and dosage – spell if necessary

Please note: other prescription request (i.e. non repeatable or acute items) are not accepted on this line. You will need to speak to the reception team or make an appointment with a doctor.

Prescription Requests for Outside the Area

If you wish your prescription to be posted through to a pharmacy outside the area please submit your repeat prescription request with a stamped envelope addressed to the pharmacy.

Electronic Prescription Service

Orchard House Surgery now offers Electronic Prescribing. With electronic prescribing, your doctor selects the medication you require into a computer. This electronic prescription is sent over a secure network to the pharmacy you choose. The pharmacy receives the prescription and can begin filling it right away.

Prescription charges

Please follow his link for the latest charges and how to reduce your costs.


Please make sure that you only order the items that you require. Always check your prescription before leaving the pharmacy.

Did you know that:

  • Medicine returned to the pharmacy cannot be reused, even unopened packets if it has left the premises
  • The average cost of a prescription is £10 of which £5 is wasted
  • You can return any unwanted/old medicine to the pharmacy for safe disposal


If you require further information or help with your repeat prescription please speak to our medicine manager or repeat prescription administrator.